All In 2023 Spiritual Goals

 Author: Micah Hutchison

Are you a new year's resolution maker? Some people love to leverage the beginning of a new year to commit or recommit to healthy practices. Others of you may dislike the structure of or suffer flash backs of failed previous resolutions! 


As we begin the new year together as a church family, we want to invite you to prayerfully make a commitment to three practices. These three practices are essential to the fulfillment of the mission we have together as a church.


Give. Serve. Share.


Give generously

One of the practices that we invite you to begin would be to give first. Before you save or spend income this year, we challenge you to decide what you will give. Then, give that money first. The practice of giving first builds faith and honors God.

  >> Learn more about giving to Harvest.


Serve God & people 

Will you join us, putting your gifts and abilities to use toward the benefit of others? There are many opportunities to serve and lead at Harvest and we want to help you find one that fits your gifts, abilities and availability. 

  >> Learn more about serving at Harvest.


Share Jesus

Who are you helping to know Jesus? We state our mission as a church like this: we are people helping people to know and follow Jesus. That's not just the job of some super-christians but it's a mission for all of us.

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Are you all in? 

On Sunday, January 29th we're inviting you to let make a commitment to these 3 practices and to share that within your Harvest congregation during the worship services that day.


  • 1. Give. In 2023 I plan to support Harvest financially in the following amount: $ ________.
  • 2. Serve. I plan to serve on the following team(s) ______________________________.
  • 3. Share. I am praying for and looking for a chance to share Jesus with ______________________.